dilestellem & esmé Olivia

Dilestellem & Esmé Olivia co-create healing, harmonic hip hop... hope-growing sounds & poetry that people can groove & let loose to.

Dilestellem brings rap & a galactic sound-set up of synthesizers, keyboards, beat pads, & a loop station. Esmé brings dance, voice, beatbox, kazoo, piano skills, another loop station, mantras & original poetry in English, Spanish, & spirit-speak.

Esmé & Diles both hail from Albuquerque, New Mexico & have played music together for over a decade. A prolific producer, DilesTellem co-operates Central Root Recording Studios & founded the label Visceral View Entertainment. His collaborations with numerous vocalists, rappers, musicians, & producers are available for listening at visceralview.com. Esmé Olivia is an artist of song, dance, poetry, & theatre from New Mexico. Listen to Esmé & Diles at https://soundcloud.com/abracadabramusica.


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