Esmé Olivia is an artist of song, dance, poetry, & theatre.  Esmé grew up in New Mexico & continues to sing on that soil. She studied acting, devising & directing theatre, dance, & poetry at Hampshire College, where she received her BA in 2011.  Before that she was schooled in poetry slam, & was a member of the 2005 National Poetry Slam Championship-Winning Team from Albuquerque. She has lived in Santa Fe, NM, for the past 3 years, working as a teaching artist, Reiki & healing practitioner, & prayerformance artist.

Esmé has studied modern dance, ballet, jazz, & improvisation, & also incorporates mime & clown to tell stories with movement. She harmonizes, beat-boxes, & speaks juicy gibberish & poetry. She also plays the piano, guitar, hoop drum, kazoo, & operates an RC-505 loop station with hella hallelujah. She sings original lyrics as well as works by other poets. She can be a one-person show & also works in collaboration with others. Since January of 2017 she has been dancing
 with Dancing Earth Creations, a contemporary indigenous dance company directed by Rulan Tangen.

Photo: Jim House